Disposable Income Freak Show Is Emotion

Promo picture of Donny Rodriguez as a ringleader.
Donny Rodriguez is the ringleader of DIFS (Credit: Eliaz Rodriguez).

Donny Rodriguez is the quintessential do-it-yourself type. The bootstrappy attitude has lead him to create an entertaining show that shouldn’t be missed. Fortunately for you, the Disposable Income Freak Show is live this Friday at The New Movement Theater.

Windy City Roots

Rodriguez is originally from Chicago. He honed his sketch comedy skills in the Windy City for six years before moving to Austin. He started the sketch group Wood Sugars with his brother, filmmaker Eliaz Rodriguez, and their buddy, stand-up comedian Jon McCarthy, after goofing off during a poker game. McCarthy was replaced by author/actor Jeff Phillips after he left to L.A.

The Disposable Income Freak Show Flyer with characters on it.
The Disposable Income Freak Show is only $5.00 online (Credit: Eliaz Rodriguez).

Since Chicago is basically the capitol of improv, you’d think Donny Rodriguez would have gone that route, but everyone I’ve written about has their own story regarding their first experiences with comedy and their influences. The Rodriguez brothers aren’t any different. Here’s Donny’s version, “My brother and I were left to our own devices a lot of the time some we would watch Benny Hill, All In the Family, Roseanne and In Living Color. That’s how I found comedy.” That explains why he was attracted to the sketch scene and his blue collar approach to getting things done.

The Disposable Income Freak Show Takes Form

By the time, Donny Rodriguez left Chicago for Austin, Wood Sugars shot over 120 videos, performed on a variety of TV spots, produced 10 web series, and had two podcasts ( listed as 2 of the 5 best podcasts in Chicago in 2011 by Time Out Magazine). During this time a primitive version of the Freak Show took form. Their ad hoc approach to comedy and

Chris Trew holds the Air Sex Championship Belt
Chris Trew saw potential in Rodriguez’s show concept.

lack of theater training, kept Donny Rodriguez and the Wood Sugars crew from performing at established theaters like Second City. So they took to bars and music fests where they learned to engage the audiences. After all they had to keep people’s attention.

After moving to Austin, the Disposable Income Freak Show marinated in Rodriguez’s head. He moved within walking distance of The New Movement Theater. He quickly became involved in writing for a variety of shows like the Block Party and the now defunct NEWS Movement. Chris Trew was impressed by Donny Rodriguez and let him pitch the Disposable Income Freak Show. Trew was on board with Rodriguez’s gritty approach to comedy and green lit the show.

According to Donny Rodriguez the show is “hacky” on the surface but contains a lot of emotion beneath the surface. The characters are composites of modern day character types who deal with modern day issues like coming out to your homophobic friends, compartmentalization, dealing with failure and the run-of-the-mill trash talking we all enjoy with our friends.

Change is Coming

Donny Rodriguez writes the majority of the show and draws his cast mostly from The New Movement Theater’s pool of students. Over the last month, TNM Tonight host, Chris Sebilia, Alex Kone, Stephen Childress have started helping Donny Rodriguez write the show. Along with them, Amy Jordan has been brought into the mix and the Disposable Income Freak Show will be going through some renovations.

Chris Sebilia on stage
Chris Sebilia has been working with Rodriguez in the writing department.

What does this mean?  It means that this Friday, will be the last chance you get to see the show in it’s original form. If you want to see Donny Rodriguez smash down the fourth wall as he wrangles an eclectic cast of misfit characters like The Human Sunday Funday and The Dub-Step Father, then get to The New Movement Theater this Friday. The doors open at 7:30pm. You should know where it is by now, but if not, it’s on 7th and Lavaca. Tickets are $5.00 online and $7.00 at the door.


The New Movement Theater

Donny Rodriguez


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Sauced! Comedy Returns to Kebabaliscious

A picture of the Sauced promo poster.
Sauced! Comedy is every Wednesday at 8pm (Credit: Katie Stone).

Sauced! Comedy is back at Kebabalicious this week and guess what? You don’t need one of those fancy SXSW wristbands to get in!

 Warm Weather Means Getting Sauced!

Katie Stone is reanimating her warm weather comedy showcase this Wednesday at the brick and mortar Kebabalicious site at 1311 East 7th St. Sure it’s downtown, but it’s not downtown and to make things better, not only is it wristband free, there’s no cover.

Katie Stone gets the crowd ready for a Sauced! Comedy show.
Katie Stone on stage warming up the crowd (Credit: Kebabalicious).

The show is unofficial but with the line up Stone has organized, it should be official. Local comedians Duncan Carson (Cohost of the successful Sure Thing Showcase), Avery Moore (who sings like an angel and hosts The Late Slot at The Velv Comedy Lounge) along with Andrew Dismukes and special guests will be taking the mic at 8pm.  Katie Stone didn’t tell me who the special guests are but with past headliners like Kath Barbadoro, Danny Palumbo, Aaron Brooks, and Ramin Nazer are any indication, they are going to be a treat.

I shouldn’t be surprised that Katie Stone is able to assemble such a crack team of talented performers. Not only does she host and produce Sauced! Comedy but on the first Sunday of the month she’s co-producing and hosting Naughty Bits with Ella Gale at the New Movement Theater (seriously, this theater is mentioned a lot on here).

Fans sit and enjoy a Sauced! Comedy show.
Sauced! Comedy is a warm weather, outdoor showcase (Credit: Kebabalicious).

Don’t forget the sketch comedy. Stone can be seen performing regularly with the Taken Seriously sketch group along with Caitlin McNally, Nathan Ehrmann, and Robert Segovia at The New Movement Theater. All this along with being a stand up comedian has allowed her to see the best and worst of shows. Plus she has a very strong talent pool to pull from, despite SXSW going at full speed.

A No-Brainer Location

Kebabalicious is well known food trailer in Austin. It’s so popular they decided to open a store front on the corner of

A picture of the Kebabalicious menu
Kebabaliscious has a full menu (Credit: Kebabalicious)

East 7th and Navasota. This is good for a couple of reasons:

1. It provides patrons a steady location to consume beer and their awesome menu items like their cheese plate.

2. It’s on the east side! Parking tends to be easier east of I35 and it’s only a few blocks from the downtown train station. For those of you close to a metro rail station, like myself, take advantage of the extended rail hours and enjoy the show.

I’ll will absolutely be at the Sauced! Comedy kickoff show. It’s rare for me to see Duncan Carson do a full set, since I mostly see him hosting at Sure Thing, and Avery Moore is worth her weight in comedy gold. I hope you all take some time tomorrow, step away from that really rad art-deco new wave synth band or whoever is performing in front of the McDonald’s food trailer and get a heaping helping the Austin comedy scene at the Sauced! Comedy kickoff show.



Katie Stone

Sauced! Comedy



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