Everything Will Be Okay With Amelia Frank

(Credit: Aaron Brooks)
(Credit: Aaron Brooks)

Audio By Valerie, Words By Dave

Amelia Frank has only been at the comedy game for about a year and a half. Her connection to the local comedy scene isn’t Chris Trew. I know, that may sound odd coming from this site, but it’s true (that may be a pun). In fact, the person who got this mid-western lady going is Sure Thing’s Duncan Carson. He asked her to try it once.

Once was all it took and the rest they say, “is history.” Frank talks with Valerie Lopez about her early comedy influences, her professional life and meeting Duncan Carson, Katie Stone and Ella Gale. One of whom, was the only person left at Frank’s first open mic. They were smitten by a joke she made referencing 20th Century German Existentialist, Franz Kafka. Just listen:

Amelia Frank: The Past

Like our famous Pat Dean interview, Amelia Frank pulls back the curtain on how she creates her jokes and her comedy technique. She also talks about being a professional counselor and comedian. Juggling the two may be tricky in a big city with small town vibes like Austin, but she gladly makes it happen.  In fact, she tells Valerie why she appreciates doing comedy. It’s interesting:

Amelia Frank: Current

Amelia Frank is the current host of Bomb Shelter, a monthly open mic ont the first Saturday at Nasty’s Bar in Austin she inherited from Ella Gale.  If Nasty’s Bar sounds familiar, it should since it’s also the location for Martin Urbano’s Damned Dirty Filthy Show.


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