It’s Chris Tellez’s Fault

(Photo Credit: Wendel Wilhelm)
(Photo Credit: Wendel Wilhelm)

Words by Dave, Audio by Valerie

Let me peel back the curtain for you, our loyal readers/listeners, the creation of Comedy Wham is actually Chris Tellez’s fault. A couple of years ago, I was  regular contributor to another site in town called The Austinot.

Tellez heard through the grapevine that I was unofficially the Austinot’s comedy correspondent. Unfortunately due to the publishing schedule and the style of articles we were posting on the Austinot, It was difficult fitting his shows and events into the Austinot’s busy posting schedule, so I stepped out on a limb and started Comedy Wham.

I’ve told Tellez he was the inspiration behind Comedy Wham on several occasions and he characteristically sidestepped the honorific with a  grin and an “awe shucks” look. Regardless, it’s true, Comedy Wham is definitely Chris Tellez’s fault. So thanks, Chris.

Anyway, I’m stoked to tell you that Valerie Lopez caught up to Chris Tellez and was able to chat with him about his comedy career. Part 1 has Tellez doing non-comedy open mics in his native Dallas and feeling like a rock star, what else shaped his early comedy career? Listen:

Chris Tellez Part 1: The Past

As always, we provide you a Part 2 to every comedian’s story and Tellez is no different, so click to the link and find out how Chris Tellez sees is place in the world, and current projects:

Chris Tellez Part 2: Current

If you want to see Chris Tellez in the near future,  he can be seen hosting his ongoing showcase, Shit’s Golden, at the Spider House Ballroom this Monday at 9pm. Oh yeah, his co-host is the Alex Jones of Austin Comedy.


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Pat Dean Is the Alex Jones of Austin Comedy?

pat dean coverPat Dean is the mayor of Austin Comedy? Then again, maybe he’s the Alex Jones of Austin Comedy. Regardless, this interview is freaking crazy. Of course, if you’ve ever come across Pat Dean in public, you probably wouldn’t be surprised about this.

Basically, Dean took over the mics and turned Comedy Wham Presents into the Pat Dean Show. This is a great organic conversation you should absolutely listen too.

Part two has Dean talking about the variety of shows he’s hosted, and co-hosted. He also delves into  why he prefers observational humor over topical humor, and why comedians are protective of their jokes (hint: it’s not easy crafting a good joke).  He also has a podcast named StoryFellers and he plans to start posting new episodes in a few weeks.

Dean can be seen all over town doing all sorts of things, and telling all sorts of jokes. The best way to track him down is to follow his twitter account. Pat Dean has two regular shows, the first Monday of the month he co-hosts Shit’s Golden at Spider House Ballroom with Chris Tellez, and the third Friday of the month he co-hosts a show at Kick Butt Coffee with Lane Krarup. Be sure to ask his opinion about his comedy peers.


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Shit’s Golden Goes All in With Johnny Pemberton and Josh Fadem

Shit's Golden Flyer for June 30th, 2014
Shit's Golden Flyer for June 30th, 2014
Shit’s Golden has a big show on June 30th (photo credit:

Chris Tellez is back and hosting another Shit’s Golden showcase at the Spider House Ballroom, and while he still loves mommies, this time the focus has shifted a bit.

Tellez has booked nationally featured comics/actors Johnny Pemberton and Josh Fadem to headline the June 30th showcase.  Pemberton and Fadem’s performance on Shit’s Golden is actually a stop on their Summer Boys Do It tour.  The tour kicked off on June, 13th in Fadem’s hometown of Tulsa, OK and culminates on August 31st in Durham, NC.  If you can’t catch them at Shit’s Golden, you have one more chance to catch them before they flee the great state of Texas.  Their final Texas stop is in Houston on July 2nd at Rudyard’s British Pub.

If you’re reading this then more than likely you’re a comedy fan.

A picture of Johnny Pemberton in a hat
Johnny Pemberton brings his tour, Summer Boys Do It to the Spider House Ballroom (photo credit:

You also probably have seen Pemberton on shows like the Kroll Show, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and the Jumpstreet movies. These are just a few of his 42 acting credits according to IMDB.  On top of that, the midwestern born, Florida State attendee, has performed in the Just for Laughs Festvial, SXSW, and the Sled Island Festival.

His touring partner, L.A. based Josh Fadem, has also been on screen with credits from 30 Rock, Conan, Comedy BANG! BANG!, American Dad and Key and Peele.  Fadem is a frequent contributor to Funny or Die and has writing credits on Adult Swim. His mix of physical comedy and stand up make his shows wildly entertaining.

A promotional picture of Josh Fadem
Josh Fadem brings his physical comedy style on tour with Johnny Pemberton (photo credit:

The Austin scene will be strongly represented by Mac Blake, Brian Gaar and Kerri Lendo.  The three Funniest Person in Austin and Moontower Comedy Festival veterans bring their own brand of stand-up comedy to the show.  From what I’ve seen from Pemberton and Fadem, Blake, Gaar and Lendo are a great addition to the show.  This show will be quirky and well worth the cost of admission.

As always Spider House Ballroom has a busy schedule between comedy and music shows.  Details about Shit’s Golden and other shows can be found on their website.  Shit’s Golden tickets can be purchased in advance for $5.00.  This is beneficial since they’re $10.00 at the door.  With a lineup like this, they may sell out so get them while you can.