Enzo Priesnitz Hones His Obsessions

(Credit: An Indoor Lady)
(Credit: An Indoor Lady)

Audio By Valerie Lopez, Words By Richard Goodwin

I have a favorite video I watch once a year, that I feel perfectly captures my love/hate relationship with my never-ending stream of hobbies and diverse pursuits. On meeting Enzo Priesnitz, and listening to Valerie walk through his life in comedy and beyond, I knew I’d found a kindred spirit.

Born and raised in Austin, Priesnitz was interested in comedy from his early years, binging on late night Comedy Central feasts of well-known comics like Dave Attell and Zach Galifianakis. These early passions paved the way for a series of changes and personal growth taking him into the next phase of his life where his own comedic aspirations would begin playing a major role.

In Part one of their conversation, Valerie digs up how a chance late night hang out with some big names gave Priesnitz an auspicious bridge into breaking into the open mic scene, including his first time in Funniest Person in Austin.

Enzo Priesnitz: The Past

Enzo Priesnitz has continued to hone his comedy chops beyond stand-up, with multiple projects completed and in the works. He recently wrapped a role in the crowdfunded comedy Call me Brother with another Comedy Wham alum, Christina Parrish. Call Me Brother is a uniquely (dare we say loving?) look at incest; it’s no easy feat to take the topic and make it hilarious. He also just had a hand in a locally shot major motion picture that we must keep secret under pain of death (and because he wasn’t allowed to tell us).

In Part two, Valerie manages to knock out not one but two Comedy Wham firsts: meeting a professionally trained blacksmith, and the only time (so far) surgically sharp instruments have literally landed on the interview table.

Enzo Priesnitz: Current

To see more of Priesnitz’s metalworking Valerie was lucky enough to lay her hands on (along with many other projects), follow him on Instagram at @bluegill_forge. Keep up with his upcoming stand-up dates and projects on  Facebook.   Lastly, keep an ear out for Priesnitz on the Gross Lonely Boys podcast, with Andrew Clarkson and Danny Goodwin, coming soon at Body Tape International


Following Your Folly with Christina Parrish

(Credit: Vimeo)
(Credit: Vimeo)

Christina Parrish probably has the most unique comedy background we’ve come across.  At the very least, it’s the boldest. Her dad used to take her to improv shows when she’d come visit him in Austin. Eventually she chose to live with him, quit high school and jumped into the the improv pool head first. Soon after she discovered stand up.

I won’t make you read about Parrish’s fascinating past or her amazingly supportive parents when you can listen to it as she speaks to our very own Valerie Lopez:

As with most of our posts, there is a part two to Christina Parrish’s story. Click the link to find out about where her career is now, and how she got into making Galifiniakian style videos:

Speaking of Parrish’s vidoes, you can find them online at Funny or Die, or on her YouTube Channel.  I highly recommend the video, Misunderstood.


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