The Ferocious Lisa Friedrich

(Credit: Kana Livolsi/Dos Mundos Creative)
(Credit: Kana Livolsi/Dos Mundos Creative)

Words by David Thomas and Audio by Valerie Lopez

Lisa Friedrich’s story is nothing short of epic. I don’t even know how to start this article to be honest. You just have to hear her story. Don’t let her self-deprecating sense of humor fool you, Friedrich is a multi-faceted performer, whose credits are as long has her 18 year comedy career and of course her story is interwoven with the tale of The New Movement Theater and Chris Trew.

Part one of her interview with Comedy Wham’s Valerie Lopez has Friedrich speaking of her nomadic childhood, crisscrossing Texas and meeting her best friend who had a similar interest in sketch comedy shows like Saturday Night Live. She also talks about what the Houston Comedy Scene was like when she first got started.

Lisa Friedrich Pt 1: The Past

In the second part of her interview, Lisa Friedrich and Valerie talk about her lengthy list of projects, her position at the New Movement Theater and teaching improv. They also discuss the Almost Related podcast Friedrich hosts along with local comedian, Norm Wilkerson and Voltaic Video owner/comedy videographer Dustin Svehlak.

Lisa Friedrich Pt 2: Current

Lisa Friedrich is extremely busy. So the best way to keep track of her shenanigans is to follow her on Twitter and check out the New Movement Theater website. For everything else, just listen to part two of the interview and grab a pen and paper… or get Siri to make a note or whatever it is you use to make notes. Be sure to follow Valerie Lopez and Comedy Wham on Twitter as well.



Kelsey Caine Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

(Source: Moontower)
(Source: Moontower)

Kelsey Caine is a comedy runaway. Originally from Houston, Caine left her joke cracking family to pursue higher education in Austin, which is where she got going in comedy and finally landed in New York.  This is another interview that becomes a wild ride as Valerie Lopez barely has time to buckle up before Caine mashes the gas and throws it into 5th gear.

In part one of her interview, Kelsey Caine speaks to Valerie about watching Seinfeld at six years old, growing up in what can only be described as a ball-busting family and her love of Pat Dean and Martin Urbano.

Kelsey Caine Pt. 1: The Past

In part two of her interview, Caine moves to  NYC, charms the comedy scene there and ends up running a couple of open mics and developing a pro wrestling themed comedy show.

Kelsey Caine Pt. 2: Current

Kelsey Caine is in town this week for Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival and is featured on the Austin Towers showcase at 8:30pm from the Velv on the 21st. This show happens to be one of my picks for the festival.


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