John Tole Comes Clean

(source: John Tole)
(source: John Tole)

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Some folks are good at thinking outside the box. John Tole excels at it. The walking epitome of the fused brains of Bill Hicks and Ken Kesey is establishing a clean comedy showcase named Come Clean in town between his busy touring schedule and other projects.


A Family Friendly Show


Here it is in a nutshell, Come Clean is, well, a clean comedy showcase – one of the few, if not the only one in Austin. There’s plenty of comedy in town. There are several clean comics but I don’t think I can recall a purely clean comedy show… unless you count that youth minister who travels around to guitar churches but even that doesn’t exactly apply here.

Tole is always looking for a challenge and the positive potential for a clean, family friendly show was too much for him to turn down. He explains it like this:

“Working clean is a whole different energy, and working with ideas that cross generation leads to an opportunity where a kid can have their first comedy experience with their parents. I saw Eddie Murphy with my dad in the 80’s and it’ll be something that’ll be with me forever.”

Tole has decided to kick off the show with a bang. He said it wasn’t hard getting a few comics willing to do a clean show. Maggie Maye, Pat Dean and Carina Magyar have stepped up to the plate and will be performing on the inaugural show.

John Tole is back with family friendly comedy (source: John Tole)
John Tole is back with family friendly comedy
(source: John Tole)

Phil’s Icehouse in the Austinville shopping center is the location. If you’re unsure of where this is, it’s next door to iFly at 13265 US Hwy 183 N. Why Phil’s Icehouse? Here’s why:

“We wanted to work with Phil’s because I’m a huge fan of their culture and having a buddy who works for the company made it real easy to lock in. It’s a different experience: No stage, all ages, and the background (weather permitting), will be the activity on a jungle gym.”


Paying It Forward


I’m excited about a show like Come Clean, it’s the type of show I can take nieces and nephews to without their parents losing their collective minds. The best part is that John Tole wants to grow it into a form of mentorship –paying it forward to future generations of young comedians by pairing teenagers with comedians. Even if the comedy angle never pans out, it’s a good way to learn public speaking, which is still a top fear of Americans.

Come Clean’s first show is tonight, August, 17th, at 7:30pm. It should run roughly an hour which means families can get their young’uns home by a fairly decent hour. Also, Phil’s Icehouse will be fully staffed and as always, it’s right next door to Amy’s Ice Cream. What’s more to ask for on a Wednesday in August?


Internet Sources

Tole keeps himself busy with comedy,  music and his podcast,  Cart Path Diem. As usual, we list the best way to follow him. Don’t forget to visit Phil’s Icehouse online and in real life. 

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Kelsey Caine Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

(Source: Moontower)
(Source: Moontower)

Kelsey Caine is a comedy runaway. Originally from Houston, Caine left her joke cracking family to pursue higher education in Austin, which is where she got going in comedy and finally landed in New York.  This is another interview that becomes a wild ride as Valerie Lopez barely has time to buckle up before Caine mashes the gas and throws it into 5th gear.

In part one of her interview, Kelsey Caine speaks to Valerie about watching Seinfeld at six years old, growing up in what can only be described as a ball-busting family and her love of Pat Dean and Martin Urbano.

Kelsey Caine Pt. 1: The Past

In part two of her interview, Caine moves to  NYC, charms the comedy scene there and ends up running a couple of open mics and developing a pro wrestling themed comedy show.

Kelsey Caine Pt. 2: Current

Kelsey Caine is in town this week for Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival and is featured on the Austin Towers showcase at 8:30pm from the Velv on the 21st. This show happens to be one of my picks for the festival.


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Pat Dean Is the Alex Jones of Austin Comedy?

pat dean coverPat Dean is the mayor of Austin Comedy? Then again, maybe he’s the Alex Jones of Austin Comedy. Regardless, this interview is freaking crazy. Of course, if you’ve ever come across Pat Dean in public, you probably wouldn’t be surprised about this.

Basically, Dean took over the mics and turned Comedy Wham Presents into the Pat Dean Show. This is a great organic conversation you should absolutely listen too.

Part two has Dean talking about the variety of shows he’s hosted, and co-hosted. He also delves into  why he prefers observational humor over topical humor, and why comedians are protective of their jokes (hint: it’s not easy crafting a good joke).  He also has a podcast named StoryFellers and he plans to start posting new episodes in a few weeks.

Dean can be seen all over town doing all sorts of things, and telling all sorts of jokes. The best way to track him down is to follow his twitter account. Pat Dean has two regular shows, the first Monday of the month he co-hosts Shit’s Golden at Spider House Ballroom with Chris Tellez, and the third Friday of the month he co-hosts a show at Kick Butt Coffee with Lane Krarup. Be sure to ask his opinion about his comedy peers.


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